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August 18, 2017 — Nalioth

In the early '80s, Stephen King deviated from his usual horror show and publiched a "childrens book" named Eyes of the Dragon. While this was ostensibly aimed at the youth market, for readers of all ages it was every bit as intriguing as his previous body of work.

Eyes of the Dragon is a light read, but a good one. It takes place in the Kingdom of Delain ( which King would later revisit in The Dark Tower series ) and details intrigue being plotted in the King's court. At the center of this plotting is the King's advisor - a man named "Flagg".

Flagg has evil plans for the Kingdom of Delain and this story goes over some of his machinations. There are hidden passages in the castle, spying eyes, palace intrigue and other interesting bits. You also get to learn a bit more about Flagg ( who appears in other works of King's fictional universe )

For King, it's a rather simple story, but worth the time spent reading it.

If you want to read ( or listen to ) it, you can get it in several forms from Amazon:
Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King - Hardcover
Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King - Paperback
Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King - Kindle Edition
Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King - Audiobook
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