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Cleanup at the Rat ranch

December 05, 2017 — Nalioth

Got the cleaning bug and so took a trip around the Novarata ranch, checking access logs & such for how often some of the resources get used, or even if they still worked . . .

If you have a personal image host at Novarata ( somethingsomething.novarata.net ) and you've not used it in years, I closed your site down ( don't worry, you pix are still available and will show wherever you embedded them ). If you wake up from your nap, you can poke me and I'll turn it back on.

If you have a personal blog here at Novarata ( somethingsomething.novarata.net ) and you've not logged in for years, I closed your blog down. If you return to civilizaton and want to pick up where you left off, you can poke me and I'll turn it back on.

All of the imgdumps ( imgdump.novarata.net ) prior to imgdump4 have been shuttered. All the pix are still "live" and will show wherever they've been embedded.

The Novarata Jobsearch was shuttered because the backend provider changed their policies, making the Novarata Jobsearch no longer functional.

Various & sundry other interesting things were deommissioned simply because they'd not been used in years.

This cleaning spree was brought on because I got to thinking about all the open resources available at Novarata that weren't being used by people, but were being ravaged by robots on a daily basis. I'm not running a website so poorly written and/or immorally managed web bots can abuse its resources ( taking those resources away from humans ).

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