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Is photobucket holding your images for ransom?

August 25, 2017 — Nalioth

Has Photobucket taken your images for ransom? Have you spent a lot of time making "how to" threads or blog posts or whatnot, only to have them all resemble the image above?

Have you tried to download all your images hosted at Photobucket, only to find out that Photobucket has "accidentally" degraded most of the account services? For example, the "download album as zip" file functionality is currently broken.

Fear not, as salvation may be at hand.

A coder has come up with a PHP script that will - when used properly - download all the images on one's Photobucket account.

It requires a linux or OS X platform to run on, so Windows folks may have to beg a favor from someone they know with one of those boxes

You can get the script here

Good luck, and f**k Photobucket

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