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Low cost cellular service at a glance

August 21, 2017 — Nalioth

I have no need for a traditional cellular phone plan. Where I work, the phone service is provided and my home telephone is a VoIP system.

So, I basically only "need" a cell phone when commuting ( which doesn't take that long ), so - as a minimal cell phone user - I am always looking for the cellular service that offers the lowest cost over time.

It is a fact that prepaid phone service is cheaper than post-paid ( or "contract" ) service, but you can still waste money if you don't choose wisely. For instance, Tracfone rquires you to "top up" every month or three. If you're a minimal user like me, you will just be stacking minutes ( wasting money ) each time you "top up".

This blog post will provide a quick overview of the various services that meet this criteria, as I review them.

This infograph is meant for a "quick & dirty" look. Please click the company name for the whole story, as many of these companies offer "extras" that won't be listed here.

Company Startup cost Talk ¢pm Text ¢pm Data ¢pMB Svc life SIM / Phone
$30 USD + phone
9 ¢pm / free incoming
9 ¢pm / free incoming
9 ¢pMB
Six months / rollover
SIM only
$5 + phone
3 ¢pm
1 ¢pm
2 ¢pMB
Three months / rollover
SIM & phones
> $15 activation only + phone
200 minutes/mo free
500 texts/ mo free
500MB/mo free
Forever w/monthly use
SIM & phones

Startup cost - Most of these companies offer SIM cards only. You may need to consider the cost of a compatible phone for these SIM cards to work with.

¢pm - cost in pennies per minute or megabyte

Service life - how long your service will stay valid without you using it

SIM / Phone - Does the company offer just SIM cards or both SIM cards & phones?

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