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Regarding privacy and the internet - the basics

September 04, 2017 — Nalioth

Many of you meander through your daily routine without much thought as to your privacy. If you aren't one to think about such things, stop reading now else you burst your bubble of blissful ignorance.

Being that "privacy" is such a big subject today, this blogger will only be posting on privacy vis-à-vis internet & cellular phones

Some facts for you to ponder:

  • The internet does not run on human language. It runs on numbers
  • When you type in http://www.google.com and hit "Return', your web browser converts it to and goes
  • This number is called an "internet protocol address" or "IP address"
  • Every device that connects to the internet gets an IP address upon connection
  • Every device that connects to the internet carries a unique hard-coded ID called a MAC address
  • When a device connects to the internet, its MAC address is sent to whatever servers it interacts with
  • When you interact with a website, every server involved with loading the page gets your IP & MAC addresses
  • The Google Street View team does more than take pictures of your home or work - they map all available WiFi access points
  • Google's database of all available WAPs - associated with their physical location - means your phone doesn't need its GPS enabled for websites you access to locate you with a mean accuracy of one meter
  • Every WAP you get in range of makes a note of your device's info

What constitutes a "smart device"?

  • Android cell phone, tablet or television interface
  • Apple iPhone, iPad or television interface
  • Late model automobiles all have fully functioning cellular radios. These are on 24/7, regardless of your OnStar subscription status
  • Many late model cars have Bluetooth connectivity
  • "Smart" television or other device running some other OS

Just some things to keep in mind

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