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Sprint's corporate schizophrenia

September 29, 2018 — Nalioth
Or, "Sprint sucks - day 43,070"

Many of you may not be aware that T-Mobile & Sprint are trying to jump into bed with each other in a merger agreement. You can hit the link to find out more about that, as that's not what this post is about.

With any telecommunications purchase / merger, the US Government has to approve. This makes for many overtime days in the respective industry's propaganda departments, as we see here . .

When you walk into a Sprint store, or a Walmart or Best Buy or wherever Sprint phones & services are sold, you are greeted with this beautiful Sprint coverage map:

Wow. I'm impressed. According to this coverage map, Sprint can provide services to almost anyone living in the USA today.

So, back to the pending merger deal ( I think it's really a buyout of Sprint, but that may be my wishes getting in the way of reality ), and Sprint goes to Washington . . .

Last week, Sprint sent some of its marketing and propaganda folks to Washington to make a presentation to the FCC and other federal agencies who have to figure out mergers and such.

Sprint told those government agencies that they were in very sad shape when compared to the other three national cellular providers and really, really needed this merger if they were to survive . . .

They then trotted out these coverage maps that "purportedly" show their actual coverage areas, compared with the competition.

Which actually are a much closer match to what coverage exists, which makes one wonder - where in the seven blue hells did Sprint come up with the first map?

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