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Tello - low cost cellular phone service

August 22, 2017 — Nalioth

Tello is a relatively new cellular phone service provider, but they've made quite a splash on the scene with their great offerings!

Tello offers a variety of plans, or you can go "ala carte" with your own choices. Their rates are quite competitive, with talk minutes costing three cents a minute, one cent per SMS & two cents per megabyte.

Unlike many other prepaid cellular providers, Tello doesn't care how you use your minutes ( after all - you're paying for them ), so tethering is acceptable.

You can use any CDMA phone ( that would include phones carrying the Sprint, Booost Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Verizon Wireless branding ) not currently under a carrier restriction. You can also use a few fairly recent T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless cell phones ( mostly some iPhone 6 or later models & Nexus 5 or later, if purchased through Google )

If you don't have a compatible phone or don't want to mess within finding one, Tello sells phones, too. They are currently having a sale, with phones starting at $5 ( yes, "five" dollars )

When you activate your service with Tello, you've got 90 days to use the phone before they cancel the account. You can activate your new Tello account with $5, which - making one call every 89 days - would likely allow your $5 to last a long time.

Here's a Tello review:
  • Service startup: $5 ( with your compatible phone )
  • Calls cost $.03 a minute
  • SMS costs $.01 per message
  • Data costs $.02 per megabyte
  • 3 months account duration. Any call or SMS will reset this
  • Primarily utilizes Sprint's network
  • Tethering / hotspot usage is okay!

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android cell phones
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