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The care and f̶e̶e̶-- eating of baby corn

November 26, 2018 — Nalioth

Baby corn is exactly what it says - corn that's picked when it's teeninsey. Since it's young, the core is tender and can be consumed along with the itsy-bitsy kernels. It can be prepared in many ways, but today we're gonna look at the "topping" category.

Long a staple of Asian restaurants, baby corn is useful in many roles. It comes in cans of various sizes, can can usually be found in the asian food section of your local grocery store.

For a zingy topping for salads & ramen, you can drain the water from a can of baby corn and then place the corn in a glass jar you may have laying around ( recycling, yay! ). Barely cover the corn with apple cider ( or other tasty vinegar ) and you've got yourself a delightfully crunchy topping to sprinkle on top of a salad or into your ramen. The longer it sits in the vinegar, the more of the vinegar flavor it'll pick up ( but don't worry, enough vinegar will be clinging to it to bring a burst of flavor with each bite ).

If you want more "kick" with your pickled cornlets, go your local market & grab a fresh jalapeño or serrano pepper and slice it up into your mix. Pull it out when it starts losing its green.

Vinegar doesn't "go bad", so you can just keep adding more fresh-from-the-can cornlets to your corn jar, and if the vinegar gets too many little corn fragments in it, just strain it through a paper towel and pour it back in the jar.

I don't recommend using white vinegar for this purpose. It has no real flavor except "harsh" ( leave that stuff for cleaning countertops & pipes and such, right? )

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