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December 27, 2019 — Nalioth

As you guys have seen, I've tried to bring you a nice starting page with several privacy-focussed search engines.
However, some of those "private" search engines have changed their ways . . .

Startpage was purchased by an advertisement company a few months ago. After weeks of requests for their privacy policy going forward, all that was received was a "F**K you" in the form of a generic statement that said nothing at all.
Their search field has been moved from the "respects privacy" section of the start page down with Google & Bing and other bottom feeders.

Oscobo was discovered to be routing searches through an advertising server. This means that all your info is recorded by that ad server (along with what you're searching for) before the request is sent back to Oscobo for display to you.
I suspect I saw this during a moment of lag, as usually it's invisible to the human eye. Their search function has also been moved to dwell among the data scavengers.

Tags: Novarata, digital-privacy

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