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What's Neill Blomkamp been up to?

August 20, 2017 — Nalioth

Neill Blomkamp has sort of fallen out of the public light since he made Elysium. For you folks who may not be aware, Mr. Blomkamp is the creative force behind the movies District 9, Chappie and the aforementioned Elysium. Not only did he direct these films, he produced and co-wrote some of them and produced much of the conceptual artwork.

Concept art for Mr. Blomkamp's Alien 5 project.

Since Elysium, Mr. Blomkamp has been busy with all sorts of projects, among them a sequal to James Cameron's Aliens. Sadly, that project was definitively cancelled by Ridley Scott a few months ago.


As it turns out, Mr. Blomkamp has created his own film studio and is producing short films that he's releasing on Youtube. What's unusual about this is that Mr. Blomkamp is "open sourcing" his content.

Wait, what?

Mr. Blomkamp is giving away quite a bit of the digital assets accrued for making these short films, to include 3D models, raw ( possibly unused ) footage, musical ( some unused ) cues / soundtrack contents, concept art and other related material.

Mr. Blomkamp is giving all this stuff away to "inspire young filmmakers".

Cue: Great applause

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