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Chia chat

June 05, 2022 — Nalioth

It's been a week or three since I started my chia-powered weaning regimen, so pull up a chair and let's chat.

Chia is a "superfood", and if you look around the web, you'll find all sorts of content explaining how it works, how to use it, recipes & more.

I figured that I'd share my experiences, cuz some of you may not like to read calculatingly marketed websites written by large teams of marketing dweebs, packaged as "wholesome mom".
I have no issues with the content of these sites, just the superslick presentation.

So, here begins some of my observations . . .

Claim: Chia seeds are appetite suppressants
Me: Being a bachelor, I eat the same stuff all the time, and shop every week on the same day. I buy the amount of stuff that I can eat within the next 7 days (you know, until grocery day comes 'round again).
I have been seeing lots of the usual groceries still remaining when it comes to shopping day, as opposed to my pre-chia habits.
So, judging by the evidence, I am eating less.

Claim: A chia-enhanced diet will help you lose weight.
Me: No clue. I will go on record that chia won't hurt your weight shedding goals. Also, logic dictates that if you are eating less, there should be some weight loss, no?

Claim: Chia is full of healthy vitamins & minerals and other stuff known to be good for you
Me: Well, that's certainly what the eggheads tell you. Again, from the scientific research I've read, adding chia seeds to your diet isn't gonna hurt ya none . .

Claim: Chia seeds are massivly hydroscopic and will absorb around 12x their weight in water.
Me: Yep. I make smoothies in 24oz Mason jars and let them site at least 8 hours. At prep time, I fill them to the fill line. At happy hour, when I open the jar, the level of liquid has dropped noticeably (which isn't an issue, as I just fill it back to the fill line with some water or milk or broth and give it a shake)

Claim: They say chia seeds have a "nutty" flavor.
Me: To me, they don't have any flavor at all.

Claim: Chia seeds are one of the natural foods with the highest percentage of fiber per serving you can get.
Me: Well, allow me to wax poetic here . . .
Should you suddenly jump deep in to the chia life, you will find the southern winds will be gustier than normal for the first few days.
After your system adjusts, you can expect regular (and I do mean regular) mail delivery on a daily basis from that point on.
On top of that, you will find the mail slot just needs a light dusting rather than the heavy duty deep cleaning it may have required before.
(On that note: Please note that the hulls of the chia seed are not biodegradeable and you may see a few of them on your dustcloth after their journey through your mail slot)

Now, to provide some input on the usage of chia seeds.

If you're using chia to fortify a smoothie/milkshake type drink, the ratio is 1TBsp (one tablespoon) per glass (16oz or larger for best results as a "drink").

If you're making "pudding", the ratio is 2TBsp (two tablespoons) per 8 ounces (one cup) of liquid. After sitting a few hours, the end result will be a somewhat thick/viscous consistency (hence why the "wholesome moms" call it "pudding"). I have found that using more than 2TBsp per cup of liquid doesn't really affect the viscosity of the end result.
Since chia seeds don't gel the same as collagen from hooves, you will likely never see it set like gelatin.

Whether making smoothies/milkshakes or "puddings", you'll want to let the concoction sit at least two hours (preferably overnight / at least 8 hours).
WHen making "pudding", you'll also want to stir it a second time about 15-20 minutes after the first stir. This will allow you to break up any clumps that may have formed after the first stir, toward a smoother final product.

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