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Chia: One recipe: three use cases

June 19, 2022 — Nalioth

Imagine if you will - making one recipe that serves three (or more) purposes?

You've seen me mention using chia seeds to make "jam" (we use quotes cuz chia ain't pigs or cows, and does not offer the effects of gelatin from those sources).
I took a 15oz can of peaches in natural juice (you can use the "packed in water" type, too), added 4 TBsp chia seeds (2TBsp chia per 8oz/cup to make "jam" or "pudding") and went after it with the immersion blender.
Next morning, I had a thick peach "jam" in my canning jar.

Use case #1

I've never been a morning person, nor a "sweet tooth" so I'm not real big on toast & jelly (or jam) in the mornings. Just butter on my toast, please & thank ye.
However, since there's no added sugar with any of these chia recipes I'm sharing with you, this peach "jam" isn't sickly sweet like traditional jellies or jams.
It is thick enough that it won't fall off your knife on the way to the toast, and - since it's not loaded with sugar - it provides a nice, peachy topper for the buttered toast that isn't sickly sweet.

Use case #2

As I was spreading it on my toast, I was struck by an idea: Since this is only peaches (in natural juice or water) and chia, the "jam" could be stirred into drinks to add a peachy flavor.
I've added it to kool-aid & milk so far and it's a refreshing (and healthy) addition.

Use case #3

Y'all familiar with those stiffy-lipped Britons insisting on mint jelly with their Christmas ham?
I've never seen the attraction of that combo (TBH, it sounds horrible to me), but as I was mulling over the utility of this peach "jam", it occured to me that a spoonful of "jam" could be served with a nicely caramelized ham (or other meat) steak to provide a delicous flavor contrast.

☠ Bonus tip ☠

Since I've brought up mint jelly, let me share a tip:
I buy a jar post-Xmas (when they're on the bargain rack cheap), and mix boric acid with the stuff (Unopened mint jelly can sit in your pantry until you need it for this project).
You then spread this mixture on trash plastic and slide it under the fridge or other places roaches visit.
Roaches love mint jelly and will eat this mix and DIE. Reapply as needed.
☠ WARNING! ☠ Keep away from pets & children. This is poisonous stuff.
Make sure you mark the mint jelly/boric acid container "poison" so cousin Jethro doesn't eat it during a refrigerator raid. This poison jelly will keep almost forever in the fridge, being made with commercial crap.

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