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Shotcut - an easy video editor / transcoder

November 01, 2017 — Nalioth

Shotcut is an easy-to-use cross platform open source video editing tool. This means it runs on Windows, as well as *nix and OS X

Shotcut is a GUI program that will allow you to edit & transcode videos easily on Windows.

No more having to pay thousands of dollars for "Adobe Video Wunderprogramm" and then having to spend more money on training and weeks ( or months ) learning how to use it.

No more trying to configure Cygwin to work with the various audio/video codecs ( Don't get me wrong, Cygwin is a wonderful toolset, but its fake linux kernal will never support all of *nix )

Here is Shotcut, as it appears upon opening:

. . and here with a video loaded:

The video is "Big Buck Bunny" and is in the WEBM format. We want to transcode it to an MP4 format, so we select the "MPEG-4" option from the list on the left.

We then select "Export", either from the bottom or from the toolbar menu:

After making some decisions, you'll see a progress meter at the top right. When it hits 100%, your job is done, and your transcoded video will be ready to use.

The linear editing function is similarly easy to use, but I'll leave that for you to figure out

Shotcut homepage, with downloads, tutorials & whatnot
Shotcut on Github for you guys who like to "roll your own"

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Shopping at Amazon via this link helps support this blog & other Novarata services. Thanks!
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