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Welcome back, me!

January 25, 2017 — Nalioth

Yes, folks it's been 5 years since I posted a blog entry. Sadly, the computer that was running the blog back then spontaneously failed and I was unable to recover any of the blog software or posts from it (Yes, I know "backups"). In any event, I'm back now and will try to blog more regularly.

I prefer simplicity in my webmastering, and so use static blog compilers to create these blog entries. A static blog compiler (sometimes known as "static site generators") runs on your local machine and generates plain HTML files. No fancy plugins, fonts or other stuff that'll slow down the server when it's being presented. More specifically, a plain HTML page is pretty secure.

Back in 2012 I was using a Perl program called Chronicle. Not sure why, but it won't install on my current machine.

I am now running bb.sh to generate blog entries ( yes, I am a nerd ).

How's it look so far?

Tags: general-interest, webmaster

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