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The Novarata Custom Start Page has been updated & promoted

June 03, 2019 — Nalioth

I recently did a cleanup at Novarata, blowing out some of the old cruft and bringing some things into the modern age.

One of the updates was to the Custom Start Page. This page has had a collection of search URLs on it so - if you used it as a homepage or startpage - would help you with various searches.

This cleanup saw the removal of some search engines ( due to corporate shifting, they have become more shifty ) and the addition of several others - many that are privacy-focused.

The additions:

SearX is a privacy-focused open source metasearch appliance that can be run by anyone. Where it gets its information is up to the local operator. SearX source code

PrivacyTools.io - A SearX implementation

Search.Disroot.org - a SearX implementation

Startpage - the world's longest running private search engine

Qwant - a private search engine based in France

( DDG image search also available )

Invidio.us - a privacy proxy for Youtube

MetaGer - a privacy-focused search engine based in Germany

DuckDuckStart - defaults to Startpage results but also responds to DDG "!bangs"

A youtube search field was added, for you folks who don't mind being tracked.

A Github search was also added.

The Custom Start Page was also moved to a new URL: http://start.novarata.net

Hope you guys enjoy!

Tags: general-interest, Novarata, Google, digital-privacy, open-source

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