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The Novarata Custom Start Page has been updated & promoted

June 03, 2019 — Nalioth

I recently did a cleanup at Novarata, blowing out some of the old cruft and bringing some things into the modern age.

One of the updates was to the Custom Start Page. This page has had a collection of search URLs on it so - if you used it as a homepage or startpage - would help you with various searches.


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Late spring cleaning

May 23, 2019 — Nalioth

I had some free time recently and went over the site cleaning up old & outdated content.

This includes removing third-party tracking sources ( like Google ) from most of the site. You will still find Google watching you on the few search pages to be found here, but shouldn't find Google tracking agents on any other page ( the site still uses Google Ads ).

Amazon's rickety old ( and obsolete ) flash-powered music player code also got thrown out.

Tags: Novarata, Google, digital-privacy, webmaster

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Google seeking beta testers for data-only Google Voice service

April 05, 2018 — Nalioth

Yesterday, Google put out an invitation to current Google Voice users to beta test a data-only Google Voice implementation.


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Google Hangouts - a multifunctional messenger app for PC & "smart" devices.

August 31, 2017 — Nalioth

Google Hangouts is Google's messenger app, that is capable of video calls, vidoeconferencing, SMS, phone calls and other cool stuff.


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Google Voice - your free phone maximizer

August 26, 2017 — Nalioth

One of Google's little known services is Google Voice. It is something worth looking into, because - for a free service - it gives you a lot.


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