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What's new at Novarata? 20 SEP 2019

September 20, 2019 — Nalioth

I've set up a font server for anyone who's interested. You can find it at https://fonts.novarata.net.

This is a server that you can use to call fonts for your web documents / wordpress / etc using the @import function in your CSS files.

Each CSS file over at the font server contains a base64-encoded WOFF file, so all you need is the link to the CSS file. Alternatively, you can copy the contents of any particular CSS file and paste the code into your own local CSS.

Left to my own devices, I plan to add one or two open source fonts every day until I get tired or run out of fonts <wink>
If you have a particular font you'd like to see included, give me a shout (contact info at the font server page)


  • Security - Google is not watching every visit to your site
  • Stability - The WOFF used in the CSS files remains the same over time

Tags: webmaster, open-source, digital-privacy, Novarata

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